We provide consultancy services covering all aspects of print management and the document life cycle.


We offer tailored services up to complete turn-key implementations of your printing or data automation solution.


… no matter how difficult your current print processes are. We will find a good solution for you!


Satisfied customers and projects all over the world testify our know-how for more than 20 years.

Smart Solutions for
Printing and Data Quality

Remote Printing, data stream conversion, document formatting, enrichment and improvement of print data, mail optimization, correction and enrichment of address data and individual solutions

BEWO Systems – Intelligent Solutions for Print- and Output-Management.

BEWO Systems is an authorized reseller of BARR Systems and Prism Software for more than 20 years. In addition we compliment those products with bespoke software development and integration with 3rd party tools for improving address quality and mail optimization

Many of our customers rely on BEWO System solutions for the secure delivery of print jobs from their heterogeneous environments including from IBM z/OS, Linux, Windows and SAP systems. We create efficiencies and cost reductions through process automation.

Example: Municipal IT service provider saves up to 50 % of the postage costs

A municipal IT service provider generates on several systems jobs (PDF, Text) and official letters (Word documents) like property tax, business tax, dox tax and other local taxes, etc. OMR code has to be added on these documents. All letters to the same addressee has to be gathered into an envelope and printed in the needed order (generally in a postage optimized order). For such and other scenarios BEWO Systems offers a tailored solution for your requirements and system environment. Intelligent solutions enable workflows that couldn’t be carried out before due to the very high requirements. Advantages: Automated system solutions unburden employees, simplify processes, lower (postage-) costs.

Printing Solutions for:

  • Local governments
  • Print service providers
  • Charities, non-profit institutions and ecclesiastical authorities
  • Small/Medium and large Enterprises

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Print- and Output Management

  • Remote Printing and output-management (for production- und office)
  • Transactional printing
  • 1:1 Marketing: Individual customer contact by personalized letters and e-mails.

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Tailored Software & Tools

  • E.g. CSV-Updater: Merging of two csv files (master data with an “update” file.)
  • E.g. PDF Blank-Page-Finder: finds blank pages in a PDF

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Data Quality

  • Validation, correction and enrichment of Address data
  • Processing of data with high complexity, e.g. address data (containing e-mail addresses and phone numbers and fake addresses), marketing information
  • Formatting for print, e-mails and archiving
  • Filtering of address data

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Personal contact

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A product is only as good as the service it comes with. We have made it our mission to provide fast and reliable support and professional services to support our customers with their mission critical systems. We provide support on-site, by phone or via remote access (TeamViewer), even outside the usual office hours (subject to prior agreement).


BEWO Systems fulfills very specific requirements too for very attractive costs. Please contact us. Further information needed? Just a call or an e-mail is sufficient.


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