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Document composition and Output Management Solutions

Cost saving printing solutions for communes, job center, public administration, church and non-profit organisations and print centers, industry, banks, insurances, small businesses and trading enterprises

Most large enterprises use a large variety of IT systemsCommunes, administrative districts (counties), public, non-profit and church institutions utilize many IT systems to aid them conduct their business. Resulting output files often come from many sources in various formats including legacy data types like AFP, Line data, or modern systems like PDF, Word documents, etc. These documents need to be processed to enable mail optimization, automatic enveloping or simple archiving.

Examples: Payrolls or election notification cards or tax assessments has to be printed according to the needs of the communes. Communal job center generates documents and letters, which have to be prepared for printing and archiving. Print service providers get print jobs with various formats that have to be converted (e.g. AFP to Postscript) enriched with bar codes and further information or with addressee specific sheets. And, last but not least, for minimizing the costs: Sorted according numerous user and system specific requirements.

We have implemented many smart solutions including

  • Postage optimization of communal notifications (land tax, dog tax, local business tax, etc.)
  • Postage optimization of communal job center documents
  • Creation of election notification cards
  • Social welfare documents

Case Study: Local Business Tax

Individual Smart Printing Solution by BEWO Systems for the automatic processing of local business tax assessments.

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Case study: Job Center Münster

Tailored Smart Printing Solution by BEWO Systems for the communal Job Center Münster with 6 administration offices.

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