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BARR IPDS Converter

If you want replace expansive IPDS printers by cheaper PCL- and PS-Printers, but don’t want to make changes on the host, then the BARR IPDS Converter is the perfect solution.

With the BARR IPDS Converter you can print on any printers IPDS jobs that were generated on hosts like zSeries, AS/400 (iSeries) or other AFP Hosts. The Barr IPDS Converter is a software based solution, which can be installed on a Windows Server and which runs as a Windows Service. The Barr IPDS Converter protects your investigation in your host based AFP and IPDS print applications, because you have much more possibilities for printing your IPDS jobs or for saving them as PDF.

How does it work?

Barr IPDS Converter transforms IPDS into highly optimized PostScript or PCL5e for ensuring full support for advanced paper handling options and accurate exception handling and page job completion reporting. It includes a comprehensive driver template collection for leading printer manufacturers such as Lexmark, Ricoh, Sharp, Canon and Konica Minolta. You can use the Barr IPDS Converter in combination with BARR/SPOOL to manage and distribute the converted print jobs to workgroup and high volume production printers.

Further product options allow generating PDFs in binary mode (smallest possible size) and determine, if IPDs overlays has to be embedded as XObjects. And for every PDF an XML file can be generated, that contains the IPDs SPOOL attributes like Jobname, JobClass, JobId, JobNumber, FileName, FileNumber, ClassName, UserName, UserID, QueueName and SpoolID.


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