Print- and Output Management

We are reseller for Barr Systems and PrismSoftware

Software Products for Print- and Output-Management

Sending print jobs and data world wide – fast and secure

Receive and send print jobs from various systems (z/OS, Linux, Windows), exchange any print jobs and data between print centers, branches, and data centers fast and secure thanks to encryption and compression. All common transport protocols are supported. Works without operator intervention too.

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Data Stream Transformation

You have got AFP, LCDS, Metacode jobs and want to print these on PS or PCL printers or saving as PDF files? You want replace your expansive IPDS printer? You want to distribute IPDS jobs on your network printers?

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DocForm - All in one: Personalised transactional & promotional production output management

DocForm from Prism Software is the ultimate eForms and variable data management toolkit. A very powerful tool for managing, formatting and improving (print) data for any type and size of organization. Typical applications are 1:1 marketing, mailings, personalized documents, customer invoices, insurance policies and much more. DocForm supports integrated production printing and cross-media communications.

Define advanced workflow to enable intelligent automation and choose from multiple output options. The intelligent workflow enables you to send individual messages and documents via e-mail or SMS to addressees or make the documents available on our web site for your customers.

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