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Case study: Job Center Münster

The Job Center of the city Münster produces thousands of documents every day that have to be printed, enveloped and archived. Ralf Bierstedt, head of Job Center Münster: „BEWO Systems developed and implemented a complete solution that enabled us to reduce many manual processes and significantly reduce costs associated with the whole print, mail and archive process.“ Stefan Schoenfelder, managing director of citeq thinks „it is very remarkable that faulty and incomplete documents are being recognized and stopped from being printed.

  • OPEN/PROSOZ: stand-alone documents in Word-format
  • Archiving of all documents in PDF/A
  • Mailsorting documents by postcode and address
  • Formal correct documents with a dedicated file name (ending in _zd_.doc) will be printed.
  • Integration in OPEN/PROSOZ
  • 6 postage classes
  • Separate processing for 6 local offices in Münster
  • Hands-off batch processing over night
  • Ensuring that only formal correct documents are printed
  • Verifying address data for completeness
  • Short processing time, faster ready for printing
  • Future proof and scalable solution
Smart Solution
  • Converting the documents to PDF/A while checking the documents are correct
  • Providing all documents for archiving, separated by local offices
  • Reducing costs by mailsorting and optimized postage
  • Batch processing during nights enables print operators start printing and mailing each morning
  • Flexible configurable enables expansion of cost benefits to additional locations

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