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Example 1: CSV-Updater

The CSV-Updater is a very user friendly tool for updating, synchronizing and merging  two CSV-files intelligently.

Key Features

  • Update of a master CSV-File with an “update” file. (only a common primary key is needed)
  • Any number of columns
  • Synchronizes the data in the master file with the Update file.
  • Adds new columns in the “update” file to the master file
  • All column headers in the master file and new columns in the “update” are being displayed in the user interface
  • Free selection of the primary key by a mouse click
  • New records will be added to the master file
  • Errors in the master and “update” file will be detected, e.g. doubled column headers
  • User friendly tool, intuitive to operate, integrated help
  • Fast processing. saves a lot of time
  • The directory and the file name of the updated master file are arbitrary
  • Made in Germany: Design and development by BEWO System

Example 2: PDF text-extractor for certain areas

There a many tools  for extracting text from PDFs and to save the text in a file. With such tools you extract always the complete text of a PDF.

Often the text of a subarea  only is being needed. For Example the invoice number, the invoice date, the address and the customer number.

For a customer project the header and footer lines has to be extracted, because these contain all relevant information of a document. BEWO Systems developed a PDF tool that enables extraction texts from two dedicated areas. Text outside of the two areas is being ignored.

Key Features

  • High performance text extractor
  • Supports Unicode
  • Command Line Interface
  • Up to two areas can be defined (more areas on request)
  • Integration in DocForm is possible

Customer example: extracting text from header and footer lines

The texts in the red framed areas only will be extracted.


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